Zilch Just Revolutionized Buy Now Pay Later

Just when you thought rising prices were going to eat you alive, an innovative new payment type comes to surprised. Meet Zilch. It allows you to buy now pay later.

We weren’t surprised to see how many UK residents have already signed up to Pay Zilch when they buy now pay later.

What’s This All About?

Consumers have found out that there’s no reason to pay now when they can buy now pay later. Zilch is the no-interest, no-annual fees way to pay. You can reserve it for large purchases. Or make it your preferred payment method and use it all the time.

Instead of having to pay the full amount when you buy, you get to spread the payments out over 6 weeks. With a traditional credit card, you’d have to pay for this privilege. But with this hot, new payment service, it’s free as long as you buy from a Zilch partner.

So Many Partners to Choose From

Sticking with Zilch partners may sound limiting. You don’t like people telling you what to do. But they’ve partnered with 1000s of well-known brands and retailers you already buy from:

  • Apple
  • Nike
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • to. Name. a. Few.

If you’re going to buy from your favourite brand anyway, you should be paying Zilch.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Get the App

Step 2: Sign up

Step 3: Attach this payment method to your Tap to Pay service (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay)

Bonus Step: Make it your preferred payment to earn because you earn 100 Zilch Rewards for every £1 you spend. You can use it online and in-store. You can earn even more cashback (2%) when you use Zilch, then pay it off in one payment.

Step 4: Browse Zilch’s partners to find your favourite brands and retailers.

Step 5: Buy Now

Step 6: Pay 25% of the total upfront.

Step 7: Pay the other 75% over 6 weeks in three convenient payments. So you pay Zilch for this payment service.

Step 8: Buy some more.

Optional Step: Set up the app to automatically apply your reward points to your next purchase. Or save them up to spend on something you really want,, like a fabulous holiday.

How Does Zilch Make Money?

Brands and retails want you to choose them. They’d love to make it as easy as possible to buy now. When you do, their turnover goes up.

But they don’t have enough resources to manage inventory, customer service, and payment plans.

It’s worth it to them to pay someone a little who will manage their payment plans. That someone is Zilch. So, in effect, the retailer is paying the fee for you.

You can thank them by spending more with them.

Grocery stores, home goods, electronics, travel and more have all chosen to partner with Zilch, so you can buy now pay later. If you use Zilch at a non-partner retailer, you will pay a small fee up to £2.50 (11.5% APR). Only UK residents can use Zilch and,, as always, read the Terms and Conditions.

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