Sustainability & Innovation – How Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Makes Green Change a Mission Statement

We are increasingly living in the age of information. With consumers more informed and aware of their purchasing power than ever, companies are forced to work harder to differentiate themselves from the rest of their competitors.

Alejandro Pena is the CEO of Keter, an Israel-based manufacturing company focused on sustainable garden and home decor. As the CEO at Keter, Pena has been focused on the importance of recycling and sustainability.

According to a report published by McKinsey & Company, nearly 40% of U.S. consumers believe sustainable packaging isn’t just a good idea but a necessity. With increased awareness regarding environmental outcomes, consumers are ready to put their money where their beliefs are.

Let’s look at how Keter is helping consumers make better decisions by providing them with sustainable products at unbeatable prices.

Driven by Purpose

Keter was founded 75+ years ago in Israel, where the company exploded in popularity thanks to its reliance on recycled resin. This recycled resin material allowed Keter to offer visually appealing products at better prices, all while diminishing its overall impact on the environment.

Pena stated, “Our purpose drives us to shape what’s next for a better future and driven by our principles to design with people and planet in mind.”

The company released its first Sustainability Report in 2022 to solidify its efforts at Keter. The report went in depth about different sustainability initiatives and efforts. Keter would publish and make this report available for public consumption.

Pena stated, “Companies will increasingly have to provide transparent, verifiable data on their environmental impact as evidence of their commitment to the planet.”

Pillars of Success

To continue offering purpose-driven products to its clients, Keter has built its business on several vital practices and pillars of success. Pena stated the Three Core Pillars of Keter when he said, “Better Products for Better Places, Better Planet, and Better Business.”

To live up to the ideas of those pillars, Alejandro Pena has become voracious in his search for environmentally friendly concepts. Pena said, “Most people think the way things are is how they’ve always been and how they’ll always be.”

Pena went on to add that he was particularly relentless and determined to provide something of value to his clients. Pena stated, “We push ourselves to do more with less and make new from old.”

Alejandro Pena touted some of the company’s most recent successes by pointing to the 2022 Sustainability Report (EGS).

  • Recycled 80% of Total Waste
  • The goal of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2% in 2022
  • Improve Recycled Content
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 25% in 2025

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