More and More Businesses are Allowing for Remote Working – Pros and Cons

Working from home or anyplace else is quickly becoming the norm for many employees, and many organisations will shift from being workplaces to being work-habitats in the near future. Companies have thrived outside of cities after the lockdown, and many professionals have migrated or experimented with leaving pricey metropolitan areas in favour of regions with cheaper expenses or greater outdoor leisure, yet with a sense of belonging to the communities they live in.

Due to the huge shift in way we do business, many people are aspiring to be a digital nomad, however, by being a digital nomad, there comes positives and negatives and in the infographic, you will be able to see some of the advantages and disadvantages of remote working and becoming a nomad. Remote working is becoming more possible due to the technology advancements that we have seen in the recent years, for IT businesses, all you realistically need is a modern laptop and a good internet connection for daily communication to other work colleagues.

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