Here Are Ways to Boost Your Self-esteem

Everyone wants to be at their highest self-esteem. Unfortunately, with all the surrounding things, it is not easy to maintain them. When your esteem is high, things like failure or rejection do not affect you. Life experiences can turn tables where you might start to feel less worthy. Self-esteem is how you feel and respond to other people’s opinions. If you have issues with low self-esteem, the best life coach in London will advise you to do the following to nourish it.

  • Use Positive Assertions

It is not easy to use positive affirmations when your esteem is low. Mostly affirmations work better for people with high esteem. You should know that affirmations can worsen your esteem if you don’t believe in them. Therefore, the first step is believing in what you say and then working towards making it happen. If you believe you will succeed in doing something, it becomes easy to do, and that is how your esteem starts to rise.

  • Accept Compliments

People with low self-esteem don’t believe in genuine compliments. It is hard to believe that someone else sees you differently when you are not feeling good about yourself. Therefore, you resist genuine compliments even when you know you need them. You might even start to feel uncomfortable when you receive them. The best way to accept compliments is to be prepared with response words like a simple “Thank you.” This way, you will grow with time and start accepting and believing the compliments. That is how you know your esteem is growing.

  • Identify Your Strengths

Your self-esteem is low because you do not know how strong you are or how good you are at doing some things. You have a job of identifying your strong areas and using them. If you are a good cook, call for family dinners. You can also volunteer for a race if you are a good runner. Identifying your competent areas and developing them will improve your feelings. It will also allow you to join other people and develop a career.

  • Do not Criticize Yourself

People who have low self-esteem criticize themselves, which only makes things worse. Since you want to boost your esteem, you should eliminate self-criticism and be self-compassionate. When you criticize yourself, you fail to see the good things you do. All you can now see is how your friends are better than you. Nothing you say or do will feel like the right thing, and even when you make a major milestone, it will not be possible to notice it. So, try not to criticize yourself but rather be self-compassionate. Compliment yourself and celebrate the small achievements you make in life.

Final Words

Building your self-esteem will not be easy until you believe it is doable. You will come across a lot of challenges, and things might even get worse. The most important thing is believing in yourself and your strengths. Then, use positive affirmations towards yourself and stop self-criticism. In short, avoid doing the things that will hurt your esteem. It would help if you also spent most of your time with people who build and support you.

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